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GoldenRest Hi-Low Adjustable Bed

Price of Base only:
Price with Queen
mattress included:
Available sizes: T, Txl, F, Fxl, Q, Qxl, DK, CDK
Supported Mattress Type(s): Other
Remote or control wand:
The Hi-Low bed is not only a fully adjustable bed that can also be raised and lowered from the ground for easy wheelchair transfer. It comes in the standard and deluxe models.

The STANDARD MODEL can raise about 7 inches from its lowered position, so the bed is basically 20 inches from the floor to help with wheelchair and other transfers.

This bed includes an orthopedic mattress with optional vinyl or clothe coverings, hand control, and the bed is compatible with most Hoyer lifts.

There is a one-year in-home parts and labor warranty.

The bed capactiy is 300 pounds.

Joystick control and battery backup are optional extras.

The DELUXE MODEL lowers to 18 inches from the ground and can raise up to 12 inches without cables.

The Deluxe Model comes with an orthopedic mattress and has a 300 pound capacity.
Joystick control, massage and life rise adapter and battery backup are extra. The bed also has an option that lowers it to 15 inches from the floor.

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