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Dormia Split Top Adjustable Adjustable Bed

Price of Base only:
Price with Queen
mattress included:
Available sizes: Q,K
Supported Mattress Type(s): Foam
Remote or control wand:
The Dormia split top memory foam adjustable mattress is designed for king and queen sized adjustable beds. It allows you to independently adjust the head and feet while eliminating the gap in the mattress. There is a 25 year limited warranty on the mattress.

The bed base includes the patented wallhugger feature which allows for easy access to nighttables and the mattress base on this bed has a box spring apppearance. The bed fits into a conventional frame, has three preset comfor postions, unlimited head and foot adjustability, remote control, programmable massage with timer, power reserve with remote battery, steeel fram and heavy duty locking casters. There is a 25 year limited warranty on the base.
Dormia adjustable bed bases are manufactured by Classic Sleep Products.

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