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Adjustable Bed Prices and Options

What are some of the common adjustable bed features and options?

Here are some of the common options available with adjustable beds, along with approximate costs. Remember, some bed models come with these features included, while others offer these features as options.

Feature/Option Description Expect to pay

Remote / Wand

The controls for most adjustable beds are operated with a wireless remote or wand. This allows you to adjust the head and foot sections of the bed, and possibly the massage function, using this handheld device. No wires, no mess.



Many adjustable bed models offer some type of massage feature that either comes with the price of the bed or is optional. The massage feature may offer variable speeds, may work differently on different sides of a dual mattress bed, and can have an automatic shut-off function for safety.


Wall Hugger

This is a design feature of adjustable bed bases that enables the bed to stay in approximately the same position, even when itís adjusted. So, you are able to remain about the same distance from your night table whether the bed is in sitting or lying position.


Bed Rails

Many sellers of adjustable beds offer bed rails as an option. They attach to the side of the bed and adjust as the bed is moved to various positions. They assist the user in getting in and out of bed. Rails are usually available as single rails or in pairs.

$100-$200 (per rail)


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