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What kinds of mattresses work with adjustable beds?

When you buy an adjustable bed base, you need a mattress that will work with the electric base. Adjustable bed mattresses are constructed much like regular mattresses. You’ll find spring/coil, foam, latex, and combinations of these styles in mattresses made for adjustable beds.

In fact, many sellers have their bed bases manufactured by Leggett and Platt and then put the adjustable mattresses they sell onto the bed base and call it an adjustable bed ‘system’. Mattresses are notoriously hard to compare by model name when shopping because manufacturers have dozens of names for models that may vary only slightly in features. Many mattress manufactures make a certain model of mattress 'exclusive' to certain stores, so that comparing is almost impossible.

What are split and dual mattress beds?

Adjustable mattresses come in the same sizes as regular mattresses. Some sellers carry all sizes, while others have a limited number of sizes. A split mattress, usually used in queen and king beds, means the mattress is split at the head end so that each sleeper can raise or lower the head of the bed independently. You need a split base for this. A dual queen or king bed comes with two mattresses and has a dual base, so the two sides of the bed operate independently.

Tell me about types of mattresses.

Spring or Coil: These mattresses are made with metal springs or coils inside the mattress for support. There are different coil shapes and many manufacturers use one spring system in all of their mattresses, while using a variety of different fillings. Above the springs you will usually find a layer of foam and then a quilted top layer.

Foam: A good foam mattress provides pressure relief and shapes to your body in response to your body heat and weight. Foam mattresses are made from materials such as visco-elastic, latex and polyurethane. You can buy foam mattresses that have either latex or visco-elastic materials.

Latex resists impressions and conforms to the contour of your body while offering support. Most latex mattresses are made from synthetic latex or a combination of synthetic and natural latex. Latex is hypoallergenic and bacteria and mildew resistant. It's also "breathable," and tends to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's not affected by temperature. If you have latex allergies, this is not the right choice.

Visco-elastic is the most expensive and the most durable of foam materials and is used in Tempur-Pedic and Isoform beds. Visco-elastic memory-foam mattresses can be affected by cold weather. When it's cold, the mattress feels firmer, until it warms to the body temperature. Some people say that visco-elastic foam feels warm with body heat, a sensation that's nice in the winter but could be too hot in the summer.

Both visco-elastic and latex foam mattresses can be a good choice for two people, if one person tosses and turns more than the other. This is because memory foam doesn't bounce, isolating the movement of each sleeper.


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